Bloody Dairy / 2015

Bloody Dairy from Min Liu on Vimeo.


2017 / Northwest Animation Festival Portland, OR, USA
2016 / Annecy International Film Festival / Annecy, France
2016 / Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition / Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 / Taichung International Animation Festival / Taichung, Taiwan
2016 / Digital Art in Architecture [Part Two] / New York, USA
2016 / sound:frame Festival x Take Festival / Vienna, Austria
2016 / Tricky Women Festival / Vienna, Austria
2015 / Techtonic Shift exhibition / New York, USA
2015 / Speed Show exhibition / Beijing, China
2015 / Look Hear exhibition / Newcastle, Australia


Bloody Dairy is an daily animation project for 100 days.

This project is inspired by a ongoing trend on Instagram created by The Great Discontent.

(More info here, thegreatdiscontent.com/100days)

I created a gif animation everyday for 100 days. 

All done hand-drawn frame by frame.

Inspiration comes from every thing/moment/fantasy/cat I encounter.

The best part of this project is I need to finish and upload an animation before 12am everyday, and get direct feedback from people around the world.

For more info, you can find me on Instagram, @bloodydairy.

Or search #the100dayproject for more.


Animation: Min Liu

Sound Design: Wengu Hu